How does it work

Have a need to be locked and denied, but don’t have a master or mistress to keep you in check? Imagine the excitement and uncertainty of clicking the pad lock closed not knowing when you will receive the key to unlock and free yourself for pleasure.
We can provide this experience for you. Many of our customers yearn for the feeling of being locked in chastity, but don’t have the partner to lock them up. That’s where we come in.
We are NOT a mistress or master. We ARE offering a keyholding service for those whom wish to be locked up without any keys, and that want to endure a true chastity lockup period, but have no one to enforce it.
It’s simple. First, we ship the padlock with no keys, all by itself. Later we ship BOTH keys at either a predetermined date or, if you choose, a surprise date! Once the padlock arrives, you can lock yourself up, with absolutely NO WAY to get out until we mail the keys to you!
  1. You select the time frame for us to hold the keys before shipping them out. If you select 2 weeks, and the padlock ships on a Tuesday, you can expect the keys to ship two Tuesday’s from the initial shipping date.
  2. Next, you will select amount of time you want to be locked in. The shipping speed for the padlock is chosen at checkout, so the postdated shipping will only be for the KEYS.
  3. Once your purchase is completed, we will ship the padlock the very next business day and set your keys aside for your chosen amount of time. Once you close the lock, it will be permanent until the keys arrive!
Important Rules & Disclosures:
Being a locked sissy isn’t for everyone. Male chastity can be a very sensual experience or a very bad one if you are not properly prepared. You are choosing this service at your own risk. LL Creations LLC accepts no responsibility nor liability for anything that may or may not arise from this service, and by purchasing this service, you agree to all these terms.
For maximum enjoyment, we strongly recommend sizing The Vice (or any chastity device) properly with the padlock included in the device, prior to locking yourself using the separate padlock we send you for this service.
Once the amount of lock up time is selected and purchased, your key will be set aside until the elected date arrives. We will not ship out the key early upon request, to terminate the keyholding service early will come with a $30 early cancellation fee and to do so please see Terminate Keyholding Service product page.
Begging us to send the key early will cause you to be blacklisted from future keyholding services from us. Don’t be a whiney locked sissy.
Lastly, our goal is to offer the ultimate chastity experience, and this keyholding service is meant to be a compliment to that. Please use responsibly! Lock up and let us hold the keys for you!