About Us

 My name is Austin, and I founded Locked in Lust in 2014, and Locked in Keyholding in 2019.  Our “Locked in” brand is built by chastity enthusiasts such as yourself. Many of us have been in the lifestyle for nearly a decade – each! Locked in Keyholding was created to provide our customers the next tier in their chastity experience. While we offer our inescapable chastity device through Locked in Lust, we wanted to offer more than just a great product – we wanted to offer the ultimate chastity experience. Thus, Locked in Keyholding was born!

 Locked in Keyholding was developed to complete the chain in the chastity experience by offering our customers the true feeling of being locked in a chastity device, without access to their keys… a true lock up sentence. The rush that goes along with knowing you cannot escape once that lock is shut is surreal, and we want to deliver that experience directly to your door.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email us through the Contact Us page.  We are able to respond to most requests within 24 hours.  Thank you for considering Locked in Keyholding for your chastity needs.

–      Austin