Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

Possible Shipping Delays Due to Coronavirus
Due to the Coronavirus, some parts of the United States (as well as other countries) may experience a delay in receiving their packages.
Our warehouse is open and will continue to fulfill orders as long as possible, until we must close down. However, the postal services in some parts of the country may be short staffed, causing a delay in all packages in that area. Please keep these possible delays in mind when placing your orders, as they may not arrive in the guaranteed time frame.
Therefore, any orders placed on or after March 18, 2020 may not be eligible for a shipping refund if the parcel does not arrive in time. We will continue to ship the packages next business day as promised until we have to close down. But please keep this in mind when placing your orders.
Once we are required to close our warehouse down, we will still stay open to handle customer inquiries and the shop will stay open to continue making purchases; however, no orders will ship until the warehouse re-opens. For more information on this, see Warehouse Status.
You may change your shipping speed before your parcel ships by emailing us at [email protected]. If your parcel ships, we cannot guarantee a delivery window during this emergency. This will be in effect until further notice.
We apologize about any and all inconveniences caused by this policy, and we appreciate your understanding during this perilous time in our country and our planet as a whole. We hope that everyone please stay safe.
Thank you,
Locked in Lust Team