Send Us YOUR Keys


This service requires you to use your own lock and keys, and mail the keys to us (see address below)

If you want us to mail you a lock without keys, please see our Keyholding Service

Earn up to 26 Points.

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Do you want to be locked in chastity for more than a few days at time, but can’t trust yourself with your own keys? Do you want to experience a true chastity and denial experience? Then let us be your keyholder!


With this service, you can take advantage of all of the benefits of our Basic Keyholding Service! The difference here is you are not buying a new lock. Instead, you will mail us the keys to your lock (see address below)!


Simply choose the length of time you wish to be locked up from the drop down list, then put your keys into an envelope (padded preferred), and mail it to us. The clock starts immediately, so don’t hesitate mailing the keys to us.


Please Note: LIL KEYHOLDING LLC and their associates are not responsible for any lost or stolen keys in transit to/from our destination.


Mailing Address:
PO BOX 272

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